Scratch Card Win

Scratch Card Win for Twins

Scratch card win has made twin sisters from California millionaires with a $6 million lottery win. A set of fraternal twin sisters, who are in their early 40s, won on the California Lottery with a scratch off lotto ticket. Strangely enough though the pair will not be splitting the money in half as we would […]

BIg Lottery Win

Another Big Lottery Win Goes Unclaimed

When it comes to big lottery wins, the US Powerball was the one everybody wanted but looks like somebody doesn’t want it that bad Well actually, it’s more likely that they don’t know they’ve won, or they are waiting for people to lose interest first before they come forward to claim their prize. I’d like […]

What the heck day

Make Today Your What the Heck Day

Your what the heck day is the day you throw all caution to the wind and try something you haven’t tried before Recently a friend of mine had a dream about some numbers….six numbers to be exact. In the dream, she was playing bingo and somehow she jumped up and screamed BINGO even though she […]

Lucky Money Numbers

$1.2 Million If You Pick the Right Lucky Money Numbers

Looks like no one matched all four “Lucky Money” numbers plus Lucky Ball, so the next Florida Lucky Money jackpot rises to $1.2 million. Lottery officials reported that two tickets won $3,146 each in the last draw for picking 4-of-4 numbers. A total of 29 people won $475.50 for picking 3-of-4 numbers plus the Lucky […]

Lucky Trucker Enjoys Second Lottery Win

Lucky Trucker Enjoys Second Lottery Win

A Trucker from Staffordshire Wins £1 million in his second Lottery Win It was more or less four years ago to the day when Stuart Powell, a lorry driver from Staffordshire first won the lottery. The win at the time was £55, 464. Now luck has brought an even bigger and better second lottery win […]

Playing the Lottery Online

Playing the Lottery Online Gives $6.4 million on Oregon Lottery

The man who wishes to remain anonymous has walked away with $6.4 million after playing the lottery online. Another win for online lottery agents. More and more we are see wins come through for people opting to play international lotteries using an online lottery agent. It’s quite possible that when you dream of lottery numbers, […]

Earn Cashback Playing the Lottery

Here Are Some Ways to Earn Cashback Playing the Lottery

Looks like winning isn’t the only way to earn cashback playing the lottery. I have been fans of Top Cashback for a while which is one of the leading Cashback sites in the UK. I generally use it whenever I’m shopping online as it’s a great feeling to know that I can earn a little […]

winning the lottery

Looks Like Lightning Can Strike Twice With Winning the Lottery

Some people believe winning the lottery is impossible but Vic has done it twice in one year The Gods must be smiling on retired colliery engineer Vic Eden as he has now become a lottery millionaire after winning the lottery just 12 months ago. The thrilled pensioner from Rugeley, UK was extremely hapy with his […]

Powerball Win

Ticket Owner for Powerball Win Still a Mystery

This is why we always recommend playing online. No one has yet come forward to claim the $144.1 million Powerball Win The winning ticket was purchased at a store in Antioch, according to a Tennessee State Lottery spokeswoman. “Rebecca Hargrove, Lottery President and CEO, presented the store owner with a $25,000 selling bonus check today […]

Powerball Win

Winner scoops $13m in Powerball Win

A player got the ultimate Halloween treat after winning $13 million in a Powerball Win with online ticket. The winning ticket was sold online at online lottery dealer MyLotto. “This is the 11th time this year that Powerball has been won, making 2015 the luckiest year for Powerball players in the game’s history,” Lotto spokeswoman […]

Lottery Winner

Lottery Winner finally comes forward to claim Euromillions

ONE lucky lottery winner has scooped more than £121,000 on EuroMillions that has been sitting unclaimed for months. The National Lottery have announced that the owner of a previously unclaimed winning ticket, which was bought in Aberdeenshire back in July, has now come forward to claim their winnings. This means that this lucky lottery winner […]

Lottery Winners

Illinois is the Worst Place for Lottery Winners

Lottery winners in Illinois are being forced to accept an IOU, rather than cash, because the state has been unable to agree its budget. Gamblers who win more than $600 (£388) will not be given their money until the state’s financial situation has improved. In July the city said that payments of more than $25,000 […]