Looks Like No One Won the Jackpot

In a way, the UK National Lottery might be happy that no one won the jackpot

As announced last week, The UK lottery went through a little bit of a change this weekend. Players had an extra 10 numbers to choose from as they introduced 59 balls as opposed to the usual 49. Well following the draw no one won the jackpot. Somehow we think that’s what the Lottery wanted.

While critics say increasing the number of balls available to be drawn makes it harder to win, this now means that the jackpot is more likely to rollover resulting in a bigger, more attractive jackpot.

We don’t envision that the jackpot will ever get as big as the Euromillions, US Powerball or the US Megamillions, but getting it up to the double figures will certainly make it more appealing.

The £5.2million top prize that was up for grabs this Saturday, has now rolled over to this Wednesday’s draw.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though for the new style lottery as 25 people won £1 million each in the Millionaire Raffle.

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