What is a lottery syndicate?

Playing in a lottery syndicate can increase the fun and excitement of playing any lottery.  Syndicates can be made up of friends, family or work colleagues. 1 in 4 lottery jackpots are won by a syndicate. Increase your buying power and up your chances of winning big money.

Why play in a syndicate?

If there is one thing that life teaches, it’s that one should aim big but also make sure probability of failure is always kept to the minimum. The target would always be to get to reduce as much as possible the level of risk that you take in your life. In entering a lottery draw, one would always try to buy as many tickets as possible to increase chances of winning.

For example, let’s say you and nine of your friends (if you have that many which you can trust) decide to form a syndicate, putting in £1 a draw each. Instead of your £1 buying one set of six numbers, you’ll have an equal share in 10 sets of numbers, giving you 10 times more chances of winning a lottery prize (albeit one tenth of the prize). So if your lottery syndicate won a jackpot of £2,000,000, your share would be £200,000.








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