Make Today Your What the Heck Day

Your what the heck day is the day you throw all caution to the wind and try something you haven’t tried before

Recently a friend of mine had a dream about some numbers….six numbers to be exact. In the dream, she was playing bingo and somehow she jumped up and screamed BINGO even though she had only marked seven numbers off her card.

She saw this as a sign and while she doesn’t normally play the lottery, she decided to have a what the heck day and go for it. She played the Euro Millions and she won a grand total of £20.63.

She was grateful for that but of course also a little disappointed. The enthusiasm that she had after telling me about the dream, for finally deciding to have a what the heck day, I was actually hoping that she would win as well. Before she lost faith in the power of dreams though, I reminded her of how big this world is.

I told her maybe, just maybe, those numbers were for another lottery. After all, there are hundreds of lotteries being played around the world every day. When we’re tuned into a winning frequency and we get visions like this, we should remember that they are not geo or time specific. They could apply to many lotteries at any time. So those lucky numbers you dreamt up a year ago, could be due to bringing you a win today on the Spain Bono Lotto or Russia’s Gosloto 6/45. You just never know.

Make today a what the heck day and try your lucky numbers on a different lottery from your usual one. You can choose from any of these lotteries.

Is the lottery not adventurous enough for you? Here are five more suggestions for you to explore if you’re looking to have yourself a ‘What the heck day’.

1) Go Quad Biking

2) You must try Zorbing at some point in your life

3) Go see the Northern Lights

4) Drive a Monster Truck

5) Get yourself on a cruise

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