Looks like winning isn’t the only way to earn cashback playing the lottery.

I have been fans of Top Cashback for a while which is one of the leading Cashback sites in the UK. I generally use it whenever I’m shopping online as it’s a great feeling to know that I can earn a little something back every time I spend which makes looking at the bank statement a little less horrifying.

Great Offers

It was only brought to my attention recently though that there are offers available for some really cool services allowing you to earn cash back playing the lottery. Of course you will have to sign up to Top Cashback to take advantage of these offers but that should be an east decision as it’s free. You can sign up here. (At the time of writing, there’s a special offer on to get a £5 Amazon gift certificate when you sign up)

Here are some of the great lottery offers I’ve found that all you to earn cashback playing the lottery. (These amounts were correct at the time of writing but please note that they may be different when you check them)

It should be noted that it is not recommended to abuse these offers to earn cash back playing the lottery as you are likely not to receive your cash back if you do. However, if you enjoy playing the lottery and genuinely want to try one of these services to see if they can get you a nice win, then by all means this is a smart way to sign up.

The offers are only for new customers so unfortunately if you have already tried these services you will not be able to earn cashback playing the lottery. That being said, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more offers on the site that will keep you occupied.

As always, be responsible and remember to come share any details of any wins with us.

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