Looks Like Lightning Can Strike Twice With Winning the Lottery

Some people believe winning the lottery is impossible but Vic has done it twice in one year

The Gods must be smiling on retired colliery engineer Vic Eden as he has now become a lottery millionaire after winning the lottery just 12 months ago.

The thrilled pensioner from Rugeley, UK was extremely hapy with his £3,000 win last year on the UK National Lottery – but words fail to describe the feeling that hit him when he discovered that he had come up trumps again on the lottery except this time the win was for £1 million.

The avid bowls fan, who worked at Lea Hall Colliery, made the discovery the following morning over his breakfast cup of tea and slice of toast.

He said: “I clocked the first two numbers. Then I went through them all and started to shake. I checked them again and again, I can’t remember how many times, before calling my son.”

As Gary was walking his dogs on Cannock Chase and out of mobile signal range, Vic called his daughter Gillian to tell her the news about winning the lottery.

“I told Gill that I’d won the lottery and she didn’t believe me. I told her to look on the TV or the internet whilst I shouted out the code. In the meantime Gary was trying to call me back but couldn’t get through. Then, after they called round to home and we all realised I had won, all hell broke loose. ”

This year has been a special year for Vic, as he celebrated his 80th birthday back in June with son Gary and daughter Gillian, his seven grandchildren and his wife June, who is in a residential home.

According to vic, “Family is everything to me and the win is being split three ways with Gary and Gill. The win will ensure a good future for them and the grandchildren but don’t ask me what I’m going to spend it on because I’m not really sure.”

What would you do with your money from winning the lottery?

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