The People’s Postcode Lottery Winners awarded £100000

Four lucky residents in Erskine are £25000 richer after being People’s Postcode Lottery winners


Judie McCourt, Postcode Lottery ambassador, delivered a welcome surprise when she visited the town to hand out the winnings to the lucky winners.

Peoples Postcode Lottery Winners

Four players scooped £25,000 each in the game as their postcode. PA8 6DB – was drawn as a winner in the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Evelyn Macdonald, 46, who works in the ticket office at Bishopton train station, was pleased as punch when she was presented with her cheque for her winnings.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the amount. I still can’t believe it’s actually true.”

Evelyn signed up to play in March and, now that’s she’s one of the many People’s Postcode Lottery winners, she has her own surprise in mind.

She explained: “I haven’t seen my friend Annette for over two years as she lives in New York but, now I’ve won this money, I can go there and pay her a surprise visit.”

Another of the People’s Postcode Lottery winners Susan Boyle, 67, was overjoyed with the news and said her cash bonus has arrived at the perfect time.

She added: “All of the main appliances in my house have broken at once but I can replace them now without having to worry.”

Susan, who is a retired auxiliary nurse, would also like to treat herself and 72-year-old husband Matthew to a holiday in Florida.

“We went to Florida seven years ago and have wanted to go back ever since.”

“I also have three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren who all deserve a treat.”

Another winner Catherine Montgomery, 69, was equally delighted to receive her £25,000 cheque.

“It’s absolutely wonderful. I can think of one hundred and one ways to spend it.”

People who sign up to the People’s Postcode Lottery play with their postcodes in a bid to win cash prizes.

At the same time, they are raising money for charities and good causes around the world.

A total of 50p from every £2 ticket goes to good causes, and so far around £70 million has been raised to help.

Judie said she had a great day in Erskine as she handed out the cheques.

She added: “The winners were all delighted to get £25,000 each.

“One of the best things about the Postcode Lottery is that you can win with your neighbours.

“I hope they all enjoy spending their winnings.”

For more information about playing and your chance at being one of the lucky People’s Postcode Lottery winners, visit

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