£2 Scratch Card Winners Scoop £250 000

National Lottery Scratch Card Winners from Tywyn scooped £250,000 jackpot using £2 winnings from Scratch Card

Scratch Card Winners

Briony Elson and partner Kieron McCaffrey planning a new car, house and a holiday.

A care worker who won £2 on a scratch card bought another one with the winnings – and ended up hitting a £250,000 jackpot.

Briony Elson, 23 from Tywyn, Gwynedd, was on her way to work last Wednesday when she dropped into her local Nisa convenience store to cash in a £2 winning card her boyfriend Kieron McCaffrey had bought earlier that day.

Instead walking away with £2 though, Briony chose to re-invest their winnings on a £2 Blue and Green £250,000 scratch card which then made them two time scratch card winners. Of course the second winnings were a lot better.

She said: “As I went to collect the winnings for him I just felt lucky, so I put the £2 back into buying another card.”

“I left the shop and did it on my way to work. I thought another £2 would be nice – at least I could tell Kieron we got our money back.”

“I kept scratching and could not believe what I was seeing. I kept on staring at it and wondering if it actually said what I thought it said.”

“I tried to ring Kieron but he didn’t answer. I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t know what to do so I called my sister and just shouted down the phone …’I think I have just won £250,000′.”

When boyfriend Kieron, a support worker, found out the news, he could hardly believe it himself.

Briony added: “He told me to shut up. Then he pulled up and he could see it on my face. I was shaking in work.”

“I keep looking at my account to make sure it’s really there.”

“My family can’t believe it either.”

Briony somehow managed to complete the night’s shift, while dreaming about how to spend the quarter-of-a-million pound windfall.

She said she intended to buy a house, a Mini Cooper, and go on holiday with Kieron – who has never been abroad before. Now that they are scratch card winners, that reality is within arms reach.

“We share a Peugeot 207 at the moment but Briony can have the Mini – I’m a gentleman and a scholar.”

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