Lucky Lotto Winner Beats the Deadline

Technically, this lucky lotto winner claimed before the deadline but didn’t get his winnings until the deadline

The winning ticket was purchased at a local Stop and Shop in a seaside town in Ireland called Sligo. The numbers played were chosen by the winner as opposed to opting for the quick pick option.

When the winner came forward initially to claim his winnings, the National Lottery refused to pay out straight away but are yet to release any details as to why this was the case. However on Friday 3rd June which was the deadline for claiming, they paid out a total of €8.2M to the lucky lotto winner.

As they have chosen to remain anonymous, there are not many details as to what the initial problem was with the claim. A spokesperson for the National Lottery has revealed that they never comment on the specifics of individual claims to protect the privacy of the claimant.

Apparently, the ticket cost a total of €20 Euros and all the numbers were chosen by the winner. Of course, there is a chance that they used our National Lottery lucky number generator to find the winning numbers and then chose to play them in person……unlikely but it’s possible.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter how this lucky lotto winner found the numbers, we’re happy as always to celebrate another win for those of us that dare to play.

What would you do with a win of €8.2M?

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