Five Ways to Improve Your Luck with Lotteries

Do you believe it’s possible to improve your luck with lotteries? Well your belief might be the first hurdle to cross

So what exactly is luck? Well according to American Poet James Russell Lowell, “Good luck is the willing handmaid of an upright and energetic character, and conscientious observance of duty.” In other words, believe, believe, believe and do so with an unswerving commitment.

Here are 5 ways we believe you can improve your luck with lotteries.

1) Don’t hold on to losing tickets

There is always a tendacy to keep memories of things in our past whether good or bad but if you are holding on to losing lottery tickets, you should let them go. It doesn’t matter if you were only one number away from the jackpot, keeping a reminder of that loing feeling will work against your good fortune.

2) Remove negative reminders from your life

As much as possible try not to keep things around you that put you in a negative state of mind. If you have a magazine hanging around with the face of someone you dislike on the front cover, that will not be doing you any favours.

3) Say no to clutter

While on the topic of getting rid of things, removing clutter in general is something we believe will help you improve your luck with lotteries. Now there is no exact Science to this but removing clutter will help you keep a clear mind and be more open to winning.

4) Remember to breathe

When we say this, what we mean is to relax. You might not win tomorrow but that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to get anxious and worked up as that will of course work against your luck and your chances of winning. Find a way to help yourself relax and stay in a calm state of mind regardless of outcomes.

5) Always be positive

This should go without saying really but your outlook on life in general has to remain positive if you expect to improve your luck with lotteries. Start creating the outcomes you want for yourself. See the lifestyle that you will be living when you win the lottery and find a mantra that reminds you to be positive. Something along the lines of “only good things happen to me” is a good one to start repeating to yourself.

You are in control of your luck. Once you realise and remain committed to keeping your energy frequency on picking up good fortune, then you should start seeing some positive results. Of course, you have to play the lottery to be in with a chance of winning.

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