Scratch Card Win for Twins

Scratchcard win has made twin sisters from California millionaires with a $6 million lottery win.

Scratch Card WinA set of fraternal twin sisters, who are in their early 40s, won on the California Lottery with a scratch-off lotto ticket. Strangely enough, though the pair will not be splitting the money in half as we would expect.

“We had a longstanding rule — and Laura established it because she’s so unlucky — that whoever buys the ticket gets 60 percent and the other gets 40 percent,” Lisa Toton while referring to her twin sister, Laura Poorman.

Lisa was the one mainly responsible for the scratch card win as she purchased the winning ticket in California where her and her sister both live. It was after seeing a yellow ladybug in her car on her way to pick up her son from school that she felt the sudden burst of luck and decided to take a chance on the lottery

“I thought in the back of my head, there’s a yellow ladybug, I should probably buy a lottery ticket. If there’s any sign, that’s it.”

The twins, Lisa and Laura, who have another two siblings, said that it was after their mom had won $12000 on a lottery when they were 18 that they started getting an itch to play the lottery. The hope was that luck ran in the family and it looks like it does.

In all, Lisa purchased a total of $20 worth of tickets on the day she won and luckily for her, one of those tickets produced her scratch card win. She said she started screaming in the car and called her husband and then texted her sister, who was in a meeting at work.

“I texted her, ‘Jackpot. Scratcher. Come home,'” Lisa said. “She said she stood up and said, ‘I’ve got to go.’”
Instead of making her way home first, Lisa said she headed straight to the lottery headquarters to confirm her win and only managed to get there five minutes before the office closed.

“We decided to do annuity so we’ll take it over 25 years,” Lisa said. “It’s not like we’re quitting our jobs.”
“It’s life-altering without being life-altering,” she added.

The annuity option means the sisters will receive monthly payments of $20,000 over 25 years from the California Lottery.

Even with the big win, Lisa said that the first big splurge was on buying socks for everyone!
“We both went out and completely replaced all of our socks so everyone’s socks were thrown away and we’ll never have to find matching pairs again,” she said.

Now that’s how you spend lottery winnings. What would you do with a scratch card win of this size?

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