Generous Winner Donates Lottery Winnings

An anonymous lottery winner donated their lottery winnings to the Salvation Army

‘Tis the season for kindness and giving and that was certainly demonstrated in a big way in Pennsylvania recently. It is still not known who the donor was but they dropped the actual winning ticket in a Salvation Army collect kettle.Lottery Winnings - Salvation Army

The winning ticket was worth $1,000 (£798) and was left in a collection bucket outside of a Walmart in Erie, Pennsylvania.

When Major Leslie Walter of the Erie Salvation Army saw the ticket, he wasn’t sure what to make of it. He had to, of course, check the legitimacy of the ticket as it was one of the most generous donations he had ever seen.

“I really had a hard time believing it.”

The lottery winnings came from an instant game of Fantastic 10s, which is a $10 scratch card game where if any of your numbers match any winning number, you’ll win the prize shown under the matching number.

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