The UK National Lottery has Changed

The UK National Lottery will now be even harder to win thanks to Camelot introducing more numbers for people to pick from.

The numbers will now go all the way up to 59 which of course will make it harder for anyone to win the jackpot. According to Camelot, this is being done so the jackpot will roll over more often, giving people who win the jackpot, an even bigger, more life-changing amount. In reality, though, making the UK National Lottery more difficult to win might mean that it makes more sense for UK residents to start playing some other lotteries.

In an attempt to ease the pain of fewer jackpot wins, each lottery will also have a raffle on the side that creates a millionaire in every draw – plus there will be another 20 prizes of £20,000. You will also get a free lucky dip ticket every time you match two numbers.

As much as they have been trying to dress it up, the reaction on social media has not been positive; One user tweeted:

“National Lottery’s new exciting features include, “Extra numbers to choose from.” That’s a lovely way of saying, “Less chance of winning.””

Another Tweet added: “Fairly incredible that the National Lottery are spinning the line “Extra numbers to choose from” as a perceived benefit of their changes”.

The odds of winning will change from roughly one in 14 million to a whopping 1 in 45 million however another new feature is the free Lucky Dip the National Lottery is giving players when they match just two numbers.

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