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Family lottery syndicate wins €500,000 prize with first EuroMillions ticket

The Lucky Lottery Syndicate, from Birr, Co Offaly, won the top prize in the EuroMillions Plus draw The lucky syndicate of five were accompanied by extended family as they collected their €500,000 cheque at National Lottery offices. As one could imagine, they had the biggest smiles on their faces. One of the group said: “We […]

Winning Numbers

£4.3m Lottery Win from my Winning Numbers, Let me Get some new slippers

A Grandmother who had a £4.3m lottery win after matching all 6 winning numbers celebrated by buying new slippers. Jane Lewis managed to get the huge lottery win after investing a Lucky Dip for the first time since the competition began. The Grandmother, who now lives in Yorkshire, fell into “fits of giggles” when she […]


Lottery Syndicate Winner Keeps Winnings For Himself

A former courier turned multi-millionaire on the Australian Powerball  has gone into hiding after members of his lottery syndicate accused him of not distributing the winnings. Gary Baron entered a weekly lottery syndicate with colleagues at Toll Group in the Australian city of Geelong but he it is alleged that called into work sick the day […]

Winning the lottery

Even Police can enjoy Winning The Lottery

A Police officer has struck gold after winning the Lottery with a lucky dip. Brighton PO Stuart Block walked away with nearly £60,000 in the National Lottery Lotto draw after trying his luck with a random selection of numbers. In his words “I was just in bed getting ready for work and got a message […]


Over £300K won in Postcode Lottery Prize Draw

70 year old family man scoops £300k Postcode Lottery prize The £2 million postcode lottery prize pot was to be shared between 239 local residents and Nigel Howard was almost knocked to the floor with disbelief when he found out that his postcode had won him a lion’s share of that prize. “This is life-changing. […]

Scratch Card Winners

£2 Scratch Card Winners Scoop £250 000

National Lottery Scratch Card Winners from Tywyn scooped £250,000 jackpot using £2 winnings from Scratch Card Briony Elson and partner Kieron McCaffrey planning a new car, house and a holiday. A care worker who won £2 on a scratch card bought another one with the winnings – and ended up hitting a £250,000 jackpot. Briony […]

Euromillions lottery syndicate

Euromillions lottery syndicate gives Cleaners £1million

Lucky group of cleaners won a Lottery Jackpot in their Euromillions lottery syndicate The cleaners have now revealed that they’ll be spending their £1million winnings on holidays and house renovations rather splash out unnecessary luxuries. The Eighteen lucky cleaning ladies claim that they will splash out on some holidays in the sun as well as […]

Facebook Lottery Syndicate

Facebook Lottery Syndicate wins £1.1m

Facebook lottery syndicate started in East Linton scoops £1.1m A syndicate of people set up via Facebook has scooped more than £1.1 million in a EuroMillions draw. A total of 38 people from around the country will each be receiving at least £21,213 after their success in the Mega Friday draw on February 27, 2015. […]

2nd Mega Millions Xmas Jackpot Claimed

Mega Millions jackpot: California man comes forward as second winner   A delivery truck driver who was completely unaware for weeks that he was a new multi-millionaire, has finally come forward as the second winner of a huge Mega Millions jackpot, California Lottery officials said. The lucky winner is Steve Tran of Northern California who […]

Mega Millions

$636 Mega Millions Jackpot split by two tickets

Historic mega millions jackpot split by two tickets from California and Georgia. It has been confirmed that the humongous jackpot that’s been causing mega-excitement the world over has been won by two tickets. One ticket was bought by a Mega Millions player in California and  the other by a player in Georgia. At the start […]