Over £300K won in Postcode Lottery Prize Draw

70 year old family man scoops £300k Postcode Lottery prize

The £2 million postcode lottery prize pot was to be shared between 239 local residents and Nigel Howard was almost knocked to the floor with disbelief when he found out that his postcode had won him a lion’s share of that prize.

“This is life-changing. I just can’t describe how I feel”. Admitted Mr. Howard when he was interviewed at the Postcode Millions celebration at Scarborough Spa with his wife Sandra. Mr Howard also admitted that he has only been playing the lottery for 6 months and never thought it would win.

“Even though you play it, you just think it’ll never happen in Scarborough – and it has.”

Here’s that strange phenomenon again. Why play if you never think you’ll win? Well because like the rest of us players, Mr Howard understands that you have to be in it to win it.

Nigel is now hearing the sweet sounds of freedom. He plans to pay off his mortgage as well as treat his family with his winnings.

“This win means I can look after my family now, none of us will have any worries, everything is sorted,”

There was another player with an even bigger share of the Lottery prize winning £666,666 also playing with the full postcode. They have chosen to remain anonymous.

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador, Judie McCourt, who handed out the cheques to the delighted winners at the Spa said: “It’s been a fantastic day here in Scarborough, I can’t believe we’ve just given away £2 Million.

There was a total of 239 residents in the winning postcode sector YO11 3. They shared in a £2million postcode lottery prize pot. The prizes ranged from £826 – £666,666.

Those living in the full winning postcode were the ones who won the larger share of the prize pot.

As great as it is to win such fabulous prize amounts, it’s not just players who win by playing People’s Postcode Lottery. As a charity, the lottery has awarded over £69.2 Million to charities and good causes.

Some of these charities include Girlguiding, Depaul UK, Riding for the Disabled Association, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Missing People, Water Aid and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust who were all in attendance at the winners’ celebration.

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