Win a Free Scratch Card Every Day!

You can get a chance to win a free scratch card every day in our daily prize draw. The draw is open to players from all over the world so feel free to enter below.

Due to ongoing issues with service providers, we regret to say that we have come to the tough decision of suspending the Daily Draw for the time being. We hope to have the Daily Draw back up and running very soon

Win a Free Scratch Card

Check out videos of the free scratch cards from other players!

The hope is that one day we will be able to celebrate a big win with one of our lucky players. That win has eluded us so far but we will keep on playing and hopefully someday soon we will see a big win.

We have been playing these scratch cards since 2020. Although we have had some decent wins for our players, we are yet to see a big win. You can look at all our past winners below.

Win a Free Scratch Card in our Daily Draw

1,691 thoughts on “Win a Free Scratch Card in our Daily Draw”

  1. Same for me, Barbara. I’ve messaged several times too. I’ve also got a video that won 50p on 31 January but has never been paid.

  2. Hi, thanks, yes I have just managed to enter at 12:28, so I guess my normal 7AM entries will have to shift to later in the day. I do wonder what is going wrong with the site.

  3. Stuck again today with ” ended March 26, 2023 @ 11:59 pm BST”, shows 176 entries, so what time did the draw open yesterday? What time are other players entering the draw?

  4. Another stuck day. Draw reports closed at “ended March 25, 2023 @ 11:59 pm BST”, note it says BST, but was not BST until today. Anything to do with BST time shift?

    Noticed none of my Radio Controlled Clocks adjusted, probably due to poor signal level due to the rain.

    Freeview, DAB and internet devices all changed, but had to restart laptop THREE times before it would allow me to log in!!!

    1. I wrote to admin as I had not received my prize winnings from 31 January and the video of my scratchcard (that won on 7 March) has not been played either but I’ve had no response at all. It’s almost as though the entries are on autopilot but everything less is suspended 🤔

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