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  1. Finally got a winning scratchcard, £1 for matching 3 identical amounts and extra £1 for having a diamond. £2 winner 🖒🖒🖒

  2. Can’t enter draw today as still showing winner of 17/11/17 draw, this happened last Saturday too 🙁
    I’ve cleared my cache so can’t be that.

  3. Please can you sort out the Twitter entry. I had to go through the retweet then application reward acceptance and then looted back to retweet found existing tweet close window cycle six times today before it said that you are entered into draw. It’s been like this for a few days now. I even refreshed page to see if it was that.

  4. Thanks for my scratchcard this morning. I had all my fingers crossed but didn’t win anythng – better look next time I hope 🙂

  5. Great free lotto sites you recieve a £5 bonus for joining

  6. Here’s some more great free lotteries!! I’ve won on most of these! Get involved… You’ve gotta be in it to win it! 🍀💰🤑

    Free treats:

    Free birthday lotto – several draws every day!

    My lucky patch – daily free lottery in a map

    5a day lottery

    Lucky phone

    Cashpot lottery

    The big free giveaway
    Weekly postcode lottery

    Badger the button – at least 2 daily draws

    My free post code lottery – several draws every day

    Dob lotto

    Free lucky lottery

    The street lottery

  7. 🦋 Donna, it’s not just me then ? I’ve clicked on the “ Report A Bug “ link as I’m having the same problem and I’ve mentioned this to them but of course, that doesn’t help us with tonight’s Draw, does it ? I’m hoping they get it fixed soon. Good luck !😟😄🤞🍀😀🦋

  8. Still having problems with Twitter entry. Seems very long winded way of entering. Also keep getting can’t find any Twitter feeds or can’t see you following where I am already and retweet often. My friends are beginning to get fed up with setting these constantly. I also have to keep reauthorising the rewards page and it redirects me back to the home page. Whatever happened to the straight forward way of entering the Twitter way. Is really frustrating. I have even had to refresh the page.

  9. That certainly was weird timing lol! But no fix, I just enter every single day, chances are everyone will win eventually!

  10. as they say ,nothing ventured, nothing gained, i have only won 2 times,but I am not complaining.
    competition enterers of the world,unite!
    you have nothing to lose but potentially winning a big prize

  11. I got so sick of sour faced people complaining about never winning or it being “a fix” with the “same people always winning” etc that I had to unsubscribe from the comments. People need to stop expecting to win competitions and just see it as a nice bonus if you do! I will still enter daily as I know that you are providing a genuine and fair service. Thanks to the site owners for all their hard work!

  12. Hi lucky number dip THANK YOU 🍀🤑🎉 I won the free scratch card draw on 3/11/17 🍀🍀🍀 I have emailed you,as I am not sure how to claim my prize?!!!

  13. Great free lotto sites

  14. @luckynumberdip I was lucky enough to win on the 17th October and contacted you with my details on the 18th but I haven’t heard since. Please can you look into this for me. Many thanks. Diane

  15. Thank you very much for my scratchcard. I thought I’d won £5, but was given £10, yay! It must have something to do with a bit on the bottom that I didn’t know about I think…

  16. @LND, thank you for the scratchcards which I won on consecutive days a week or so ago. They arrived on Saturday but I’ve only just scratched them off. Sadly, neither was a winner, but thanks for the opportunity.

  17. 🦋 Luckynumberdip, Thank you for the replacement enail which 8 received this morning. I’ve sent you the confirmation details you requested in the email. Thank you once again for the opportunity to win.😀🦋

  18. @ luckynumberdip .. my mum has asked me to pass on a Thank You for the scratch card she won last week, got it on Saturday. Although here was only £1 on it, it was better than not winning at all!! So cheers.

  19. 🦋luckynumberdip, I’ve received the claim email and confirmed all the details required. Please can you let me know that you’ve received the confirmation email that I sent at 5.36 am this morning. Thanks once again for the chance to win. 👍🏼😀🦋

  20. Luckynumberdip, I won a Scratchcard on 19th October and sent the email as requested but have had NO confirmation from you. Please can you look into this for me. Thanks😀

    • I’m certainly not complaining! The last time I won was in July. I’ve never won more than £2 before so fingers crossed that one of these is a winner.

  21. 🦋 luckynumberdip, I sent you an email confirming my email address on 4th October as I hadn’t received my Scratchcard that I won on 19th Sept, I still haven’t received it nor have I heard anything from you. Please can you let me know what’s happening ? Thank you ☺️🦋

  22. 🦋 Still waiting for someone to get back to me since 5th October regarding my still not received Scratchcard that I won on 19th September !!🦋

  23. Tokay I retweet ed twice & saya entry counts but it’s still there as if my entry isn’t accepted. Why ishould this please? 😊

  24. I’ve noticed that although my retreat entry is saying it went the retreat part doesn’t disappear like the other entry. It did today for first time in weeks. I’ve feeling my Twitter entry isn’t registering &:hasn’t been doing so for quite a while. It’s bad enough I have to retweet up to 3 times before it says it counts so close window. Any ideas cos I must have lost a canny few entries by now & i can’t check Twitter to find out atm. Help please 😊

  25. Fingers crossed, hoping that I get lucky enough to win a winning one someday!!
    For anyone looking for more free lotteries, the following are worth a go and have good odds…… GLx
    I’ve been lucky enough to have won on all but 1 of these!

  26. 🦋 luckynumberdip, I won a Scratchcard on Tuesday 19th September and received the confirmation email but as of today, 3rd October, I still haven’t received the Scratchcard,has it been sent yet ?? Thanks😀🦋

  27. That is now 5 consecutive winners that have all won for the THIRD time in the last 3 weeks or so – Is there any point of anyone else entering?

  28. I got out my lucky 2p and scratched off the card you sent me and on the main game I had won £5 so I thought ooh great and then I scatched off the bonus game to reveal another £5 win lol so that was fantastic.I can’t thank you enough for brightening up my days 🙂

  29. Have any winners from the last week had the email to confirm address or their scratchcard? That’s 8 days and I haven’t had an email, and no reply so far here or via the contact page. Always been really quick before. 🙁

  30. Hi LND, although I am showing as signed in, when I try to do the Twitter entry it tells me I have been successful, but the main page only shows 1 entry and not 2. This happens every day whether I am shown as signed in or not. Are my Twitter entries being counted? Thanks.

  31. 🦋Lucky Number Dip, thanks for brightenening my day with an email telling me I won Tuesdays ( 19th Sept ) Free Scratchcard,👍🏼😀🦋

  32. 🦋Diane, thanks for the info,huge congrats on winning twice on Free Treats👏🏼👍🏼😀 I was fortunate enough to be one of the testers when the Free Chocolate game started up but apart from that I’ve never had a win on there. Good luck for future wins !! 🤞🍀😀🦋

  33. Maggie – the first referall draw was for £50, then subsequent ones are for £20. The referall draw started last week.

  34. My Twitter entry hasn’t worked again for almost a week 🤦‍♀️, I give up with the bugs on the entry system on this site. I have tried all previous fixes including Maggie’s suggestion (thanks), & still no entry. I can’t refer my friends to a site that is so unreliable, I’m very grateful for my previous wins when the site worked and look forward to the site working correctly again SOON

  35. Hi luckynumberdip, for weeks now I’ve been completing a ‘Report Bug’ every morning because every time I sign in (via Facebook) it still shows me as not signed in. It worked ok for a few days but now it’s back to not showing me as signed in again. I know you’ve told me in the past that I am signed in and that my entries are being counted, but could you confirm it again for me please? Do you have any idea how long the bug will take to fix, or what is causing it? Many thanks.

  36. 🦋Diane Jackson, how could you have won £50 from that site when they only give you £5 cash ?? They also give out coffee, crisps and chocolate but not £50 !! 😀🦋

  37. 🦋 Zoe, just ignore the ” we don’t see you following ” words just click on the entry bar below that. It will work then.👍🏼😀🦋

  38. 🦋 Zoe, scroll down the messages to August 29th where I’ve left a reply to someone who had the same problem as you as well as me and it works that way. Hope this helps. Good luck ! 🤞🍀😀🦋

  39. 🦋luckynumberdip, was there a fault online yesterday the 14th Sept as there was some, if not all, of us had NO Scratchcard showing and I’ve notice that on the Winners List there is NO named winner for yesterday’s Draw ?? Thanks😀🦋

  40. 🦋 Lucky Number Dip, there was NO Scratchcard for us to play with on the 14th☹️ it STILL shows the 13th and Susan. B as the winner on that day, it also only shows the winners up to the 13th.It appears that it’s not just me with the problem. I’ve already tweeted you and sent a message via the report a bug link and now on here so hopefully you’ll see 1 of the messages and fix the fault asap. Thanks ! 😀🦋

  41. For months I had problems logging in and it showing me as not logged in. I started reporting a glitch every time it happened and I’m pleased to say that consistently for the last few days that I’ve been shown as logged in.

    Thank you Luckynumberdip for fixing this for me.

    Fingers crossed it is now permanently fixed.

  42. Those referral links below should still work but some sites have recently closed so I’m adding a new list of my newest & favourite sites.
    I hope anyone who uses my links has great luck on these sites. Here we go:

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    Daily Date Of Birth Lottery

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    My Free Postcode Lottery (different from above)

    Badger The Button UK ONLY

    My Lucky Patch

    Again good luck to all 😆

  43. Thank you for my recent win. Unfortunately not a winner this time. Made my heart skip a beat though when I scratched off 2x £100,00 then the next was £1,000 oh well maybe next time eh!? 😊 keeping fingers crossed 🤞

  44. 🦋 woohoo ! Well done gouldie ! 👏🏼🥂😀what a win, a free Scratchcard and it wins £40, enjoy spending it. Good luck for another win soon.🤞🍀😀🦋

  45. 🦋Hi Amanda, I’m so glad my suggestion worked👏🏼👍🏼😀Good Luck for a win soon.xx 🤞🍀😀🦋

  46. Sorry Maggie just saw your message, will give it another try as I’ve already unfollowed & refollowed. Many thanks for your suggestion, fingers crossed it works for me. On the up side I did win last night with only one entry as Twitter still not “seeing me follow”, fantastic. Good luck all playing xxx

  47. 🦋Amanda, I was having the same problem so I logged into twittern clicked the unfollow button, refreshed the twitter page and clicked following and it still said ” can’t see you following ” so I ignored that message and just clicked on the retweet button in the message and pressed the button to confirm it. Hope this helps you out. Good luck ! 🤞🍀😀🦋

  48. It’s not at all a problem. Mistakes happen especially late at night and it did make me giggle and shudder. I really appreciate the follow up email, many thanks.

  49. I’ve tried everything, it still says “can’t see you following” for Twitter entry. Would be grand if this worked !! Can’t ask friends to join when it’s not worked a solid week since I joined. I’m perplexed

    • Hi Amanda, we are looking into this. what’s strange is that it’s not happening to everyone so it’s difficult to figure out what’s happening but we will get to the bottom of it.

  50. Thanks Luckynumberdip = I won a scratchcard 3 times from another site, but only received 1 of them. There’s definitely a problem in the system somewhere!

  51. May I ask when the scratchcards are sent? I won on the 16th. The reason I ask is that I think our regular postie is on holiday as we have only received 3 pieces of mail this week! 2 on Wednesday and 1 on Friday. We usually get mail every day, so I am worried stuff has gone “missing”. Is it something I need to chase up with the Post Office?

    • Hey Gouldie7, the scratch card was sent the day after you confirmed your address. As we don’t send them via recorded post, I’m not sure the post office can help. Leave it with us.

  52. received it today, not a winner
    didn’t realize bottom left corner was additional possible prize.
    will hopefully remember for the future on all other scratchcards
    seekers of free scratchcards unite! you have nothing to lose but a potential prize.

  53. Yet again NOT seeing me follow via twitter & NO competition entries registered after clicking on both 🤦‍♀️, pfft.

  54. 🦋luckynumberdip, Thankyou so much for listening to us moaning and putting the retweet button back in place, it is very much appreciated 👏🏼👍🏼😀now, if you could put the reply to comments box at the top of the comments section then that would be ideal as using an iPad I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to put a comment and I’m sure others using mobiles etc are having the same issue,I hope this is easy enough for you to change. Thanks once again ! 😀🦋

  55. Thank you for putting things back to the way we are used to. Much prefer it this way. Can you also out the comment box at the top of the comments instead of the bottom. As there are so many comments now is getting really hard on mobile to comment, unless you are replying to a previous comment. Thank you.

  56. 🦋 luckynumberdip, how can we improve our chances of winning if we can’t retweet the twitter link more than once ? Please can you put it back the way it was or make it easier for us loyal fans to get our 2nd chance to win via this link. Thanks 👍🏼😀🦋

  57. This is the Anwar to how sharing works in case anyone missed it. “When you share this giveaway with the link above we will track everyone that you send to us. If they enter the giveaway you will get entry point(s) for everyone you send to the giveaway. Greatly improving your odds of winning.” Under mine it says i have 1 entry on left side of count down clock and ok right it has give up from 14 entries to 15 entries. Not quite sure how this is totally working.

  58. Where as the retweet button gone? I don’t like this new sharing button. Seems a long winded way of going about it. The retweet buy-in was so much simpler and easier to use. Keep the sharing button underneath.

    • I totally agree. As usual it wouldn’t show me as signed it. I shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ but still didn’t get any further entries.

  59. Nothing’s working on the site, twitter entry says “can’t see you following” well I am & have been for some time ????
    Visit entry says “this site isn’t live” & then loads the error codes ?????
    If you visit to enter but can’t enter then what’s the point visiting !!!

  60. Received scratchcard this morning, and despite a naughty Shih Tzu trying to eat the envelope when it came through the door, it was a lucky one! Won £2 from it. 😀 Thanks!

  61. 🦋I’ve not long joined here and I won, as there are not that many people playing then your bound to get names coming up 2, 3 or even 4 times, it’s computer generated. Good luck 🦋

  62. Received scratchcard this morning from my win on the 5th, sadly not a winner but thanks for the chance to win each day.

  63. And another one today – certain people aren’t winning at all though – even if there’s not that many playing, there’s even less that’s actually winning!

  64. There are not that many players if there was it would be a whole difffent ball game … i have won 3 days on the trot before now

  65. I saw my name listed on your Facebook and Twitter pages as a winner on August 2nd but I have yet to receive an email from you. I have sent a message to you on facebook but have had no reply. Many thanks for your help.

  66. luckynumberdip, just received my scratchcard that I won on 27th July, quick delivery ! 👏🏼😀 unfortunately it wasn’t a winner but hey,…..there’s always next time,isn’t there ? 😉😂😂🦋

  67. 🦋 I managed to get my Twitter entry done just now so maybe they’ve fixed the fault.😀🤞good luck to you ! 😀🦋

  68. 🦋Thankyou for fixing the fault so quickly luckynumberdip, now entered today’s draw. 👍🏼😀 good luck everyone !! 🤞😀🦋

  69. Can’t log in via email today, no widgets showing, can’t send you an email via your site nor can I request my password, this has been going on all day. I’m using Google as usual. I’m not the only one having all these problems. I’ve sent you a tweet on Twitter as well a few hours ago but have heard nothing.

  70. 🦋Even if it isn’t I don’t mind because I won something which was the Scratchcard and it was more than I expected, Thankyou.😊🦋

  71. Received my scratchcard today, it got my hopes up I might have had a win but sadly not! Thanks for the prompt delivery and the chance to win though! 🙂

  72. Somehow im signed out after being signed in for months and now i cant play because i cant log back in Hellllppppp x

  73. 🦋Just received an email telling me that I’ve won Thursdays ( 27th July ) Free Scratchcard ! 😀I can’t believe it ! Thankyou ! They say things happen in 3’s and they’re right !, on Monday ( 24th July ) I won £10 on TSL and on Wednesday ( 26th July ) which by the way was my little sisters 50th, I won £5 on the FB Draw of MFPL !! I’ve never won so much in all my life 😀Can’t wait to see my Lucky Scratchcard come through the letterbox, I’ll be watching out for it! 😉 Thank you so much luckynumberdip !! 👍🏼😀🦋

  74. Thank you for the replacement scratchcards which arrived yesterday. One had 2 wins of £1 each and the other one didn’t win. Every little helps! x

  75. Thank you for my scratchcard that I won last week. Unfortunately wasn’t a winner this time. Keeping fingers crossed for another time. 🙂

        • Will do, thank you. I had one a couple of months ago which I never received and you kindly replaced for me, I was wondering if there was any way of doing this online via the National Lottery page? This would save you cost of postage, and also prevent any non-receipts. Just an idea. x

    • Apologies for the missed game all, sometimes the system gets the better of us and does it’s own thing. As a result though, for tomorrows prize draw, we will be choosing 3 winners!

    • Apologies for the missed game all, sometimes the system gets the better of us and does it’s own thing. As a result though, for tomorrows prize draw, we will be choosing 3 winners!

    • Apologies for the missed game all, sometimes the system gets the better of us and does it’s own thing. As a result though, for tomorrows prize draw, we will be choosing 3 winners!

  76. Tried to click on the ” Subscribe to our mailing list ” link, entered my details and I get this message…… X Error : Can’t add user….. what’s that all about ?? Why won’t it let me be a subscriber ?? Am I not good enough ?? Is it ‘cos I’m female ?? Or old (ish) ?? or ‘cos I’ve got brown eyes ??

    • Lol, not at all Maggie, it must be because you are extra special 😉 Thanks for highlighting this issue for us. It should now be resolved but we have added you to the list manually in any case. We hope to see you winning soon. Good luck.

  77. Received my scratchy today .. sadly not a winner this time.. oh well always next time im optimistic 😁😁😁 x

  78. The methods of entry aren’t disappearing again, but when I press them again it tells me I’ve already entered. I’ve tried clearing my cache but this happens on a regular basis. I’m really hoping that my entries are working!

  79. It doesnt say im entered to win like normal but its tellin me sorry you already entered this way so ill presume im in lol x

  80. But i have just realised if i press where they should be it still takes me to the entry places so i can still enter(i think) lol x

    • I discovered the same Lee. It told me that I had 2 entries so if you’ve done the same I’m pretty certain you’ll be ok. x

  81. Just to say thank you for my scratchcard that I won again recently. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything this time but when boyfriend exchanged my previous winning ticket he bought two more and I won another fiver. Keeping fingers crossed for another win soon. 🙂

  82. Re my comment on 6th June and the subsequent contact form, are you receiving my entries? The methods of entry are not disappearing, and despite logging in up to 3 times a day, it still allows me to log in again. Thanks.

    • Hi Thelma, apologies for not getting back to you before. We can confirm that all of your entries are being received so the problem might just be with your machine. You can try clearing your cache to see if that helps to get things back to normal.

  83. Thank you for sending the missing scratchcard, it arrived today. Sadly it wasn’t a winner, but I did win £2 on the previous one.

  84. The last few days when I have tried to enter, the method of entry does not disappear. Also, it doesn’t show me as logged in despite me logging in up to 3 times each day. Will you please check that you are receiving my entries? Thanks.

  85. Thank you for my email saying that I had won! My first scratchcard with you. I hope it’s a winner even if it’s a £1. Thank you once again. What a lovely surprise! 🙂

  86. Got email this morning saying I’d won again…Realised i had not thanked you for the last scratchcard which i won another £2 on.
    I’m building up a nice wee collection of cards here. Thank you Luckynumberdip.

  87. Hi, I won 2 scratchcards just over a week ago. Only 1 was received today. Is the other on its way please?

  88. The envelope arrived with a “good luck Ian” message inside but no scratchcard. As the last 3 scratchcards were non winners and this one was the new invisible scratchcard i guess my record is currently a 4-0 loser pmsl 😉😉😉

  89. Hi, just to let you know that the same error is before is coming up again, whereby every time I try the Twitter entry it tells me that I’m not following, which I am. This resolved for about a week or so, but has started again 🙁

  90. Thank you. I’ve replied to your email. I’ve also managed to enter today now, which I wasn’t able to before. This is a very lucky site for me!

  91. I’m not able to enter at all today, but it’s showing 2 winners – me and Kelly G. I didn’t realise there could be more than one winner a day, or is this because we couldn’t enter for a couple of days? Also, I apparently won a couple of days ago too, but haven’t yet received an email from you. Is this because you already have my address from my previous wins?

    • Hi Thelma, there was a glitch in the system and it gave two winners but nt to worry, we’ll send scratch cards to you both. An email has been sent to you so once you reply, we will get the scratch card out to you.

  92. Something is happening 😲😲 its saying im entered to win and ive got 0 entrys but wont let me visit or share to get entrys? X

  93. So i walk off down the shop with the 2 scratchys i won 3 quid on and buy 2 £2 ones … win £7 then go and buy 2 more £2 and win £10 accumalated well eh 😘

  94. Hi! I’ve just found out from your Twitter account that I won on April 17th – I know it’s too late for me to claim my scratchcard but I was wondering what is the email address you use to contact someone when they win so I can add it to my “trusted” senders list as I can’t find the email you sent me.

  95. Thank you for the scratchcard which I won last Monday. It arrived today, but sadly it wasn’t a winner. However, I’ve just noticed that I’ve won the latest draw, so fingers crossed I win something on that card. It’s been a great week, 2 wins on this site for me, and my boyfriend won on the Birthdate lottery on Friday. They say that things come in 3s, and that was certainly the case for us this week!

  96. Hi, did you get my screenshot about the Twitter entry? I’m still having the same issue, any ideas? Thanks

  97. At first that worked,but now it keeps saying “We don’t see you following” every time that I click enter after retweeting. If you check back for the past week or so, you will see that I have been retweeting, but I haven’t gained an entry for it. Very strange. do you want me to send you a screenshot to your email?

    Thanks for coming back to me, Kellle

  98. Hi, I don’t seem to be able to get the retweet entry to work. I try it every day, but it keeps saying I’m not following, even though I am. Any ideas ?

  99. i haven’t been able to enter for the past 2 days now 🙁 Not sure why but the link to the website to visit isn’t showing.

  100. received today (both) no luck on them but i will win big one day and tell u all the true story of how i win a scratchy free and ended up loaded 😂😂 x

    • Hi Kelly, our records show that you have not yet responded to our email to claim your prize. We have just sent another email to you. Please do check your spam folder as well just in case it’s there and we’ll get your scratch card out to you as soon as you reply.

  101. The share entry never works for me. It posts it on Twitter but the share entry sign doesn’t vanish like the visit entry does. Any ideas ? ☺

  102. It isn’t working for me then as I click through to the page and enter my details but it isn’t registering my entry. Also when I click to share and enter my details it doesn’t do anything so afraid its not working for me.

  103. Its difficult to tell whether my entries have gone through as there is no notification. I enter my details and click to be taken to the other site but it doesn’t say whther I am entered or not?

    • Hi Katherine, the way to confirm that your entry is successful is to check that the entry method used has disappeared. Once it is gone, you can be assured that your entry has been recieved.

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  106. I’ve repeatedly tried sharing the share entry & then including my referral link to gain extra entry so why am I not allowed to receive the point stated for sharing please?
    Check Twitter on my @divasbabe87 account & you will/should see at least two shares from tonight alone.
    I tried to pin it on Pinterest but it says this URL is blocked due to spam & my Chrome or Internet Explorer has blocked this site completely saying it is because the site is unsafe to point hackers could be stealing my details. Why is this happening please? Thanks in advance & btw I sadly never won when I received my winning scratchcard (thanks for the free scratchcard) but was unable to let you know cos of my phone breaking. My laptops old & runs Windows 7 so maybe that’s why I couldn’t get my daily enary but the problem I have with the share entry has always been happening from when I first joined. The smartphone I had was Samsung A3 so it should have been fine. Now using Samsung J (2016) & it’s basically identical to the A3 I have. I’m 😅

  107. I’ve just realised none of my previous entries were registered from weeks ago until now. I kept entering the visit entry & made it as it kept saying good luck but the visit entry bit was always there when I re-entered the site. I was using my laptop cos my old phone broke but now using my new smartphone. I’m wondering though if the share entry is doing same & if so, then it’s been doing it everytime so I’ve been missing out on the chance to win all along on the share one. I share it a lot. Tonight was Twitter. Other times by email. What is going wrong for me?

  108. I cant see the visit entry sign again ??? Hopefully it will be back soon & thanks for letting me know my scratchcard is in the post & if it is a winner I guarantee I will let you know. Thanks again 🙂

  109. Thanks for your prompt reply and to say thanks again for having me here. Still can’t believe how quickly I won a scratchcard cos I have only been here for a few days. I’m really over the moon & can’t wait to receive the scratchcard & I am praying that it will be a winner…….even if it’s only a quid. I just love the feeling of knowing that I won something. Even when the prize is only points 😆

  110. My £1 win brought me a bit more luck, I bought another scratch card with the winning £1 and turned the £1 win into a £5 win

  111. Won again on Friday 6th January, got my lucky scratch card in the post this morning, won a £1 on my free scratch card, woohoo double luck winning the scratch card then the £1, thank you luckynumberdip

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