Would you Share the Win?

A woman has won more than £51,000 on the lottery using her ex-partner’s numbers but she has no plans to share the win

Lisa Forgie, 34, carried on using the numbers religiously after the couple had split and her victory seems that much sweeter because of it.

It would appear that her ex stopped playing the numbers at some point so he missed out on a chance to share the win – although it has been reported that he has taken it in good spiritshe’s taken it in good spirits.

She matched five numbers and the bonus ball.

Lisa, from Aberdeen, said: ‘I’ve done it for the last 12 years – I kept doing it after we split up.

‘I didn’t stop playing them because if they came in, I’d have been gutted – but I think he stopped.’

‘To my knowledge, he didn’t win.

‘I haven’t spoken to him directly but he passed a message through a friend to congratulate us, which is really nice of him.’

Lisa and fiancee Neil Robertson, who named their son Ayrton after F1 hero Ayrton Senna, are planning on spending the money on a new home and a trip to South America.

How would you feel if your ex- partner won using your numbers and didn’t share the win with you?

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