Southport Lottery Syndicate Gets Big Win

A Southport Lottery syndicate has won £100,000 in the Irish lottery

The group of winners is made up of seven women. The lucky seven include Janet Baldwin, Joanne Ball and her mum Kate Carter. Jill Robins, Catherine Hesketh, Anda Bors and Amy Bryan put forward a number each. With Amy’s six-year-old Mason picking her number for her – the jackpot winning ball.

The ladies all work together in a factory and the lottery syndicate was is led by Janet Baldwin.

Every week Janet collects £2.50 and picks numbers for the Irish Lottery using a nearby Betfred branch. It turns out they have won twice in the last 3 years. Winning £100,000 three years ago and £6,500 in June this year, but despite this, the win still came as a surprise.

Janet said: “My husband had run into Tesco quickly. It was about 10 o’clock at night. Sitting in the car in the car park and thought I would check my numbers.

“I checked over them again and again and suddenly realised we had won. I jumped out of the car and ran across the car park shouting ‘We’ve won, ‘We’ve won!’

“My phone dropped in water the week before and lost all my numbers, so I drove around to all the girl’s houses at half ten at night to tell them all.”

The members of the lottery syndicate have won £14,285 each and are planning different ways to spend their winnings.

Amy, whose son Mason picked number 38 for her, has just bought a new house and is quite appropriately planning to spend the money on home improvements and on a holiday.

She promises though that her six-year-old Mason will also be getting his share. Amy said she would take him to the toy shop and he could pick whatever he liked.

Kate who picked number 20 because it is a birthday, is planning a trip to the beautiful Caribbean and has upgraded her sewing machine, with her daughter Joanne, planning to buy a new car and go on the holiday to the Caribbean as well.

Jill plans to buy a new Audi and have some more driving lessons, although we’re sure the driving lessons will come first, while Anda is going to put the money towards moving to London and send some home to her parents who live in Bucharest and Catherine is planning to go to the Bahamas and Australia. Travelling seems to be the number one to do on most of these ladies’ lists.

“I just really can’t believe it at the moment. It doesn’t feel real.” Catherine repeats to herself

“I don’t really do the lottery myself, so I have never won anything on it before. No one can quite believe it – it just feels like a dream.”

Betfred owner Fred Done: “It is brilliant that thanks to little Mason who picked the final and crucial number that his Mum and all her friends can buy new cars and go on holidays, and bring some joy to all their lives for a cost of £2.50 a week.”

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