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  1. On the 10/12 and 18/12 I won a scratch card but I’ve only received the first one,sorry to moan😕
    Thank you

  2. Aileen Russell, my girlfriend hasn’t had hers from 19th Dec but we’re not worried yet. There’s the Christmas post like you said, also they may not have posted them before Christmas because of the Christmas post, and finally the staff at LND have probably got day jobs and|or kids so they’ve likely had other things on their minds! She’s going to wait until the end of next week before starting to get worried.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and the same to all players on here, and not forgetting the people who run LND.

  3. When filling out the claim form it says to allow 10 days…..then with it being Christmas too… I’m sure it won’t be to long 🙂

  4. I was waiting to say thanks so much for my cards. You accidentally gave me an extra one it was stuck behind the other one. It was supposed to be 2, but you gave me 3 instead. First card I won £10 and the second I won £5, so Merry Christmas and much appreciation 😀

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