Win a Free Scratch Card Every Day!

You can get a chance to win a free scratch card every day in our daily prize draw. The draw is open to players from all over the world so feel free to enter below.

Due to ongoing issues with service providers, we regret to say that we have come to the tough decision of suspending the Daily Draw for the time being. We hope to have the Daily Draw back up and running very soon

Win a Free Scratch Card

Check out videos of the free scratch cards from other players!

The hope is that one day we will be able to celebrate a big win with one of our lucky players. That win has eluded us so far but we will keep on playing and hopefully someday soon we will see a big win.

We have been playing these scratch cards since 2020. Although we have had some decent wins for our players, we are yet to see a big win. You can look at all our past winners below.

Win a Free Scratch Card in our Daily Draw

1,701 thoughts on “Win a Free Scratch Card in our Daily Draw”

  1. Another two months and no change, I guess the site will eventually close once the security certificate expires, unless the adverts are still making enought to keep the site providing an income.

  2. I think that given that almost all the free sites I used to use every day, are now in “maintenance” mode, would suggest that the sites are either not making enough money to produce prizes, or the site owners are now just keeping all income and not paying any winners, so I have stopped regular visits, as there is no point spending time on them if they are not going to pay anything. This site still owes me for a win back at the start of the year, but looks like it will never get paid.

    1. Has anyone ever won and managed to claim on spinawinner? I get no reply from them.
      Seems like they’ve virtually all gone.

      1. I’ve never won but did read somewhere some people didn’t receive their prizes. I’m thinking of giving it up, also yafl ihas been in maintenance mode for quite a while, I’m wondering whether to keep on with site as well

        1. won lots of times and claimed and got the money before it closed down,its closed like a lot of free sites so i give up as i dont think it will be back

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