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Due to recurring problems with our contest provider, we are making some changes to our daily draw. We will be back soon.

1,539 thoughts on “Win a Free Scratch Card in our Daily Draw”

  1. I think you can probably use this link “ ‎” and it will work out when you won.

  2. I won on 7 May though it wasn’t published for several days – when a few names were posted at the same time – but didn’t receive the email and it’s not in spam. I contacted admin and asked for a duplicate but have still not received it. Can you please re-send?

  3. Thanks for playing my card. You should check your email as my response bounced back as undeliverable and people may need to contact you with queries.

  4. I also just noticed that the timestamps for comments is 1 hour behind BST, I guess server is still on GMT, so I wonder when a draw actually starts 11PM or Midnight?

    1. and the bug report just shuts soon as you start typing info, time too ditch this place once and for all, still on the crap online scratchcards with prizes of 25p

  5. Today (11/05/2022) at 7:40AM is stuck on “Starting Soon”, this appears to be randomly occuring.Anyone know what time a daily draw should start?
    In the past, it normally was open by 6AM, but now I often have to return multiple times during the day before the draw is open.

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