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1,390 thoughts on “Win a Free Scratch Card in our Daily Draw”

  1. I tried to enter on Saturday (the 2nd), but all I got was a notification that the 1st’s had ended. But someone apparently won…

  2. This has been happening to me as well. Unable to enter on 02/10 then entries on 3rd were labelled the 2nd and entries today are labelled the 3rd

  3. what all the complaining on this site ,this is a free competition not a payed one so there should not be any complaints, no one is taking any money from you to enter,, just think yourselves lucky its free as there are not many like this left to enter ,it does not cost anything just to check every day to enter, dont enter if you dont like it just means more chances for the rest of us.

  4. I’m out too, so is my hubby & son. Same thing happened again with entries, and surprise surprise a winner! cannot keep blaming cache & cookies. Good luck to everyone still in the comp though

        1. We are currently experiencing payment issues with Paypal so are exploring other options for issuing winnings. Cryptocurrency will not be the only option but it is something we are currently exploring.

      1. Always clear cache & cookies when closing computers down, sorry, this was not the problem or the case on the day, but thanks for link anyway someone else may benefit from doing this on regular basis

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