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La Primitiva is the most popular of Spain’s lotteries, offering attractive prizes and impressive winning odds. The La Primitiva Spanish Lottery jackpot starts at €3 million and has no rollover or jackpot limit. The Spanish national lottery created a record jackpot of €26.2 million in 2007! The lottery’s name means “the primitive one,” which points to its long history in Spain.

Players can win the jackpot by matching their six number picks between 1 and 49 to the six lottery balls selected in the lottery drawing. La Primitiva has five secondary prize categories, spanning the range of a match 5+ bonus ball prize to a match 3 prize.

As of 1st January 2013, Spanish lottery prizes that exceed €2,500 will be subject to a government-legislated tax at a rate of 20%. Be sure to get your lucky numbers for La Primitiva today and let us know if you win.

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