I Know it is Said Nothing in Life is Free but There is Actually a Way That You Can Play UK Lottery for Free

play uk lottery for free

Search Lotto is a company that offers you the chance to play the lottery for free just for doing searches online. The only thing it will cost you is time and to be fair it won’t even cost you that as you don’t have to do anything different to what you do know except change your search engine.

Here’s how you get to play UK Lottery for free:

First you will need to create your free account. Once you have created your free account, simply use www.searchlotto.co.uk instead of your usual search engine and when you have performed 25 searches they will give you one free entry into a UK National Lottery syndicate containing 20 people.

Search Lotto uses results provided by Yahoo!, so you can be sure of getting the best search experience and not some second rate service.

You will receive the free lottery numbers for your syndicate on the day of each draw and are able to print off a copy of your ticket so that you can watch the draw live on TV (keeping your fingers crossed!). The numbers you receive are for a genuine UK National Lottery ticket for the draw of your choice.

Thousands of people have now won through Search Lotto and should you be lucky enough to join them and have a winning set of numbers, then we will pay the winning amount to you directly by either PayPal or Bank Transfer – there are no hidden charges or costs, you will simply share the winning amount with the rest of your syndicate.

So what do you have to lose? Create your free account now and begin to play the UK Lottery for free.

*At the moment this service is only available to residents of the UK

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