$636 Mega Millions Jackpot split by two tickets

Mega Millions jackpot

Historic mega millions jackpot split by two tickets from California and Georgia.

It has been confirmed that the humongous jackpot that’s been causing mega-excitement the world over has been won by two tickets. One ticket was bought by a Mega Millions player in California and  the other by a player in Georgia.

At the start of the day the jackpot was about $586 million but by the time they were ready for the draw, the jackpot was estimated at $636 million. This is due to sales figures compiled by the 45 Mega Millions lotteries. The full final jackpot amount will soon be announced.

The Lead Director for the Mega Millions, Paula Otto, has said;

“It was a great run,”

“We have two mega millions jackpot winners, but the important programs supported by the 45 Mega Millions lotteries are the real winners. During this 22-drawing run, the lotteries generated more than $300 million in profits for those programs.”

In addition to the two jackpot-winning tickets, there were 20 $1 million winners, and a huge number of tickets won lesser prizes, so players are still encouraged to check their tickets.

The Winning numbers are – 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 bonus 7

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