10 Great Bingo Offers

Bingo is a great way to have fun, meet people and offers a great chance of winning some nice jackpots. Here is a list of some of the best Bingo sites around offering you some amazing bonuses some of which don’t even require a deposit! Bingolicious, as the name suggests is a fun and […]

Mega Millions

$636 Mega Millions Jackpot split by two tickets

Historic mega millions jackpot split by two tickets from California and Georgia. It has been confirmed that the humongous jackpot that’s been causing mega-excitement the world over has been won by two tickets. One ticket was bought by a Mega Millions player in California and  the other by a player in Georgia. At the start […]

Winning Lottery numbers

Winning Lottery Numbers A Year Later

Woman didn’t know she had the winning lottery numbers until a year after playing. What a way to kick off the festive season. One lucky Canadian resident was paid a visit by some lottery officials, to inform that she was the winner of a $50m lottery prize from a ticket she bought a year earlier. […]

Lucky Numbers for US Powerball

A win of $587.5 million from 2 US Powerball tickets

After rolling over a total of 16 times, the two US Powerball tickets brought in a huge win for two lucky winners. Two tickets, bought in Arizona and Missouri, share a $587.5m (£366m) US Powerball lottery jackpot, the second-biggest US prize ever, organisers say. The winners in Missouri have been identified as Mr and Mrs […]

Together You Win More – Setting Up A Lottery Syndicate

When you step back and think about it, a lottery syndicate makes a lot of sense. It is the most sensible way to play the lottery. Yes you will have to share your jackpot with others if you do win, but at least it increases your chances of winning in the first place. So what […]