Powerball Win

Winner scoops $13m in Powerball Win

A player got the ultimate Halloween treat after winning $13 million in a Powerball Win with online ticket. The winning ticket was sold online at online lottery dealer MyLotto. “This is the 11th time this year that Powerball has been won, making 2015 the luckiest year for Powerball players in the game’s history,” Lotto spokeswoman […]

Lottery Winner

Lottery Winner finally comes forward to claim Euromillions

ONE lucky lottery winner has scooped more than £121,000 on EuroMillions that has been sitting unclaimed for months. The National Lottery have announced that the owner of a previously unclaimed winning ticket, which was bought in Aberdeenshire back in July, has now come forward to claim their winnings. This means that this lucky lottery winner […]

Win half a million

When I Win Half a Million It’s all Mine

What do you do when you win half a million pounds in the lottery? Promptly get a divorce and then collect your winnings A lucky winner of a lottery prize in China, Liu Xiang, found out he had scooped 4.6 million yuan (£467,000) in February 2015. Before revealing to his then wife that he was […]

Lucky numbers

Lucky Numbers Keeps the Wins in the Family

A Dover woman wins lottery 10 years after her dad scooped jackpot with the SAME Lucky NUMBERS A DOVER woman has won the jackpot in Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance’s lottery almost 10 years after her father also won the top prize – with exactly the same lucky numbers. Administration clerk Elizabeth Cooper, 63, […]

Lottery Syndicate

Southport Lottery Syndicate Gets Big Win

A Southport Lottery syndicate has won £100,000 in the Irish lottery. The group of winners is made up of seven women. The lucky seven include Janet Baldwin, Joanne Ball and her mum Kate Carter, Jill Robins, Catherine Hesketh, Anda Bors and Amy Bryan put forward a number each, with Amy’s six-year-old Mason picking her number […]

Win the lottery

When you Win the Lottery, You Buy a Weather Station

So you win the lottery today. Would buying a weather station be on your list of things to buy? For 62-year-old Alan Rowley, who scooped up £1.9m on a National Lottery Lucky Dip, it certainly was and that’s exactly what he did. It has been about seven years since that Mr Rowley was lucky enough […]

Share The Win

Would you Share the Win?

A woman has won more than £51,000 on the lottery using her ex-partner’s numbers but she has no plans to share the win Lisa Forgie, 34, carried on using the numbers religiously after the couple had split and her victory seems that much sweeter because of it. It would appear that her ex stopped playing […]