Free Competitions

Free Competitions for You to Win Big

ABC Win competitions offers you a host of FREE Competitions to get you winning! They not only provide with links to 100’s of Free competitions but where possible, they also give you the answer to the competition question! That mean that all you need do is visit the sites listed – enter the required info and sit back […]

Lottery Win

Looks like another Lottery Win is Going Unclaimed

Someone in Havant has a ticket for a £1m Lottery Win and are yet to claim the prize. The prize was won Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize from two weeks ago.Whether or not the holder of the ticket is still in Havant is unknown but the winning code PLUM 8136. According to the National Lottery: “Every […]

Lottery Scratch Cards2

Lottery Scratch Cards Theft Leaves Couple Unemployed

Worker could not keep her hands off lottery scratch cards even though her husband managed the business   A manager of a garage in Port Talbot investigating money which had gone missing soon discovered that his own wife was the thief. Ian Parkin found out his wife Karen had been trying to find winning Lottery scratch […]

Lucky Lottery Winners

Some Tales of Lucky Lottery Winners

Here are 10 stories of some Lucky Lottery Winners. It’s good to celebrate other peoples wins at times as it gets our own energy in a space for receiving wins ourselves. These are some truly great stories like the guy that won twice in the same lottery or the other guy who has won the […]

Lottery winners

Looks Like Too Much Good Luck for these Lottery Winners

It is a stroke of luck to match 5 numbers in a lottery but when 4000 other people do the same, you don’t feel much like lottery winners. The odds must be extremely high for something like this to happen but thousands of people were left bitterly disappointed  after the UK National Lottery draw on […]

Lotteries from Around the World

7 of the Top Lotteries from Around the World

Many times I hear people complain about not winning the lottery but they only play their local one. Here are 7 big lotteries from around the world that you can start playing US Powerball This lottery currently holds the world record for biggest ever jackpot. This is $1.6 billion which was won by three lucky […]

Improve Your Luck with Lotteries

Five Ways to Improve Your Luck with Lotteries

Do you believe it’s possible to improve your luck with lotteries? Well your belief might be the first hurdle to cross So what exactly is luck? Well according to American Poet James Russell Lowell, “Good luck is the willing handmaid of a upright and energetic character, and conscientious observance of duty.” In other words, believe, […]

Scratch Card Win

Scratch Card Win for Twins

Scratch card win has made twin sisters from California millionaires with a $6 million lottery win. A set of fraternal twin sisters, who are in their early 40s, won on the California Lottery with a scratch off lotto ticket. Strangely enough though the pair will not be splitting the money in half as we would […]

BIg Lottery Win

Another Big Lottery Win Goes Unclaimed

When it comes to big lottery wins, the US Powerball was the one everybody wanted but looks like somebody doesn’t want it that bad Well actually, it’s more likely that they don’t know they’ve won, or they are waiting for people to lose interest first before they come forward to claim their prize. I’d like […]